Day Care Centre

A description of how the organization and operation are planned

The planned organization of the "FrodidaDay Care Center" will operate under the supervision of the Board of Directors. It will also be in collaboration with the Chief Medical Neurologist and the medical and scientific staff as it will be structured with special development programs. It will ultimately provide support, information, prevention, recreation and rehabilitation with special education and treatment programs for children with mental and developmental difficulties, while at the same time employing day-to-day team members to adapt programs individually. There will be an annual written assessment of the progress of the children’sdevelopment goals. The Day Care Center will also work with volunteers of specialized medical and paramedical professions.


Development Programs

Activities within the center-curative treatments

Literary therapies

Practice therapies

  •   Computer learning
  •   Learning innovative, friendly programs for people with disabilities
  •   Getting familiar with the internet-surfing safely
  •   Therapies through artistic activities-constructions
  •   Creative work
  •   Music therapies
  •   Therapies through play
  •   Troubleshoot behavioral problems
  •   Concentration
  •   Hyperactivity
  •   Self-maintenance-self-service



  •   Mobility
  •   Hyperactivity
  •   Special Physical Education
  •   Swimming pool-rehabilitation


Parent counseling and support

  •   Parental psychological support
  •   Parental leave programs

Recreational activities

  •   Creation of a choir and band
  •   Theatrical games and activities
  •   Creating a theatrical group
  •   Film projection
  •   Presentation of theatrical plays
  •   Puppet shows
  •   Lending library


Out-of-center activities

  •   One-day environmental education programs
  •   Excursions-walks
  •   Working with camps
  • Collaborations with NGOs and environmental organizations
  • Collaborations with NGOs and humanitarian organizations
  •   Collaboration with Municipalities
  •   Cooperation with public-state bodies
  •   Transfer of people with disabilities
  •   Presentations-exhibitions of guest projects
  •   Thalassotherapy-therapy in swimming pool
  •   Participation in sports activities
  •   PARAOLYMPIC games
  •   Events of the choir-theater groups
  •   Theatrical Performance
  •   Puppets

Other activities

  •   Conferences
  •   Workshops
  •   Updates
  •   Publication of a newspaper
  •   Publishing of books and fairy tales
  •   Reports